May 28, 2024

Back to school: where to find school supplies without breaking the bank?

Where to find good quality and cheap school supplies? At Bureau Vallée. Valley Office and the association families de France undertake to offer consumers for the Back to School quality products and at attractive prices. The goal of Bureau Vallée is simple: that the Back to School is happening with confidence. He also wants to facilitate the purchasing process of his customers by also offering them to make their list of school supplies on the website.

Lists of school supplies less than 40 euros, it's possible!

From August 1st to September 5th, Bureau Vallée is committed to two important points: quality and prices. For the families, he proposes for the Back to School quality products and at affordable prices. Bureau Vallée has set up lists of school supplies whose total cost does not exceed 40 euros. In the Vallée Valley outlets, consumers find their favorite brands (Clairefontaine, Pilot, Canson ...) at very affordable prices despite the rise in raw materials and the cost of transport.

The numbers speak for themselves

For a child enrolled in primary school, the list of school supplies will be 32.98 euros. For a schoolboy, it will be 38.53 euros and for a high school student, the family will not pay more than 36.45 euros.

For the next Back to SchoolBureau Vallée also supports the parents of students by allowing them to find products that correspond to the lists published by the association families of France. The partnership between Bureau Vallée and families de France is a good point because it allows consumers not to "ruin" at the time of the return. The products sold at Bureau Vallée are also respectful of the environment. Bureau Vallée has established with the independent organization ACE an ecological rating scale that allows to note the products from A to E. You should know that the letter A indicates that the product is the cleanest.

Back to school "no" stress!

It's the rush in the shops and the shelves are upside down! The kids are sulking because they want this binder and not another one. Even before going to supermarkets, the whole small family is stressed. Thanks to Bureau Vallée, the consumer can make his shopping list for back to school by surfing the site. You will find a dedicated area My reservation list, where you can choose products and book them at a store near you (service available depending on the store).

But that's not all !

Bureau Vallée launches a blog for budding young artists. For example, they will be able to develop their talent by personalizing their text book or making name tags. To access the blog, click here

To discover the site, Click here

Buying Back To School Supplies Without Breaking The Bank (May 2024)