June 23, 2024

Bad things: books to help you

"Psy instructions"
When the pain of living sets in, you do not always know where to turn, which therapist or which therapy to turn to. In his work "Psy instructions for use", Dr. Philippe Brenot, a psychiatrist and a couple psychotherapist, helps you to see things more clearly and to find you in the "jungle of therapies".
You will find for example simple advice on what is really a psychotherapy: the framework of it, the time to devote, the choice of therapist, mechanisms ... clarifications very useful in times of fragility.
Dr. Brenot also offers a guide to drugs, a directory of orientations "psys" and a dico symptoms.
Editions "The spirit of time" - 15?
"Heal the evils of life"
Today's society demands to be always more efficient in all areas, which is not without causing stress, depression, tension and many reflections source of misery and over-consumption of psychotropic drugs. France remains the largest consumer of these products. In his book Marie-Claude Gavard, psychiatrist and psychotherapist offers keys and solutions to treat the troubles due to daily hassles of life: lack of self-confidence, communication difficulties, anger, race to perfection ...
Through simple exercises, the author helps you to unlock many situations.
Alban Publishing - 18?

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