April 20, 2024

Balance Horoscope 2011 - Health

Balance Horoscope 2011: your health throughout the year


First trimester Astral influences will be extremely powerful in terms of health. You will easily repel microbes and viruses of all kinds and will be able to provide titanic efforts. Take advantage of your seemingly inexhaustible vitality to complete all outstanding work and projects; do not waste it by engaging in unnecessary activities.

Second trimester : Excellent form thanks to Venus. This planet will be worth to you a good physical resistance, as well as a morale in net increase. But beware: the goddess of love and sensuality can also blow you an excessive greed. Avoid meals that are too heavy or too wet if you want to keep the line. You will feel all the better.

Third trimester : Neptune will balance factor. The planet will remind you that you must use your energy overflowing in a positive way, at the risk of seeing it turn against you by pushing you to commit silly things. Why not take the opportunity to exercise regularly? The sport not only helps you stay in shape but also gives you a very pleasant and not dangerous feeling of euphoria.

Fourth trimester : The Sun, star of vitality, in good place in your Heaven, will earn you a good basic resistance and a rising tone. But beware of overeating: God knows that you are not usually a big eater of the Zodiac, but this time you will turn into Gargantua, just when your digestive system is somewhat weakened. Stop consuming alcohol and chocolate before the liver crisis.



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