December 1, 2021

Barometer of sales books: Daniel Pennac and his School Grief take the lead

Thorgal loses his first place to tumble down to 6th place.

The manga Naruto returns in second place, the comic Thorgal occupies it the 6th position. Only novelty of the week: Hostage of the Taliban of Gerard de Villiers.

Ranking books from October 15 to 21, 2007:

1School grief
Daniel Pennac
2Naruto T.30Masashi KishimotoKana
3A secretPhilippe GrimbertLgf
4The mystery of the godsBernard WerberAlbin Michel
5Anticancer, prevent and fight thanks to our natural defensesDavid Servan-SchreiberRobert Laffont
6Thorgal t.30, Me JolanG.Rosinski, Y.SenteLombard
7The elegance of the HedgehogMuriel BarberyGallimard
8In the cafe of the lost youthPatrick ModianoGallimard
9Hostage of the TalibanGerard de VilliersGerard de Villiers
10Neither Eve nor AdamAmélie NothombAlbin Michel

Methodology: The ranking of the best sales is established on 1,200 points of the EdiStat-TiteLive network ( Any recovery of this classification must imperatively have been validated by the company TiteLive.

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