June 5, 2020

BB cream or CC cream: which one to choose?

BB creams, revolutionary products combining care and makeup, have taken over the shelves of cosmetics stores almost a year ago. Since then, all brands have launched their own, with different shades, different packaging but, still, the same goal: a more uniform, hydrated and natural complexion. In short, an effect skin bare, without imperfections. The dream of every girl. We also thought we found in this BB cream, the ideal product to sublimate our pretty face. Until ... the appearance of the famous CC cream. Brands are slowly beginning to take possession of this market and launch their formula CC. On paper, the same promises as the BB: protection of the skin, hydration, standardization. The only noticeable difference is that the CC cream also reveals the natural radiance of the complexion. So, is she better than her sister? Should we leave our BB for this CC? It depends on your needs and your skin.
- From mixed to oily skin : mixed to oily skin is prone to imperfections and shine. They need, therefore, a product that matifies the skin and covers their pimples and redness. BB cream will be the most suitable. That goes without saying, you will tell me. Because, everything is already said in the name: BB cream, meaning Blemish Balm, is balm against imperfections in French. More covering than a CC cream, it will camouflage your little flaws better, while moisturizing and protecting your skin.
- Normal to dry skin: for dry skin, combo: it is necessary to mix BB cream and CC cream, for an optimal moisturizing action and a complexion at the same time unified and enlightened. For normal skin, this will depend on your desire and your feelings vis-à-vis the two products. If you want a brighter complexion, turn to the CC. If you want a uniform and tinted complexion, prefer a BB cream.
- Dull skin: prefer a cream CC, which will reveal the natural glow of your skin and end your gray and sad look. It will also correct small rednesses and imperfections and unify the complexion, while making it brighter. The ideal is, in addition, to associate it with a BB cream. Natural good-looking effect guaranteed.

BB, CC and DD Cream Differences (June 2020)