September 19, 2020

Be bi or gay and hide it at work

"I have been working in the same box for three years and no one knows that I am in a relationship with a woman.My colleagues often talk about their boyfriend, their children, I just keep quiet.After all, my life intimate do not look at them! " Like many lesbians, Mia prefers to hide her homosexuality at work. For fear of prejudices, mockery, homophobic reactions of all kinds.

"Of course, I sometimes ask myself if they do not have a doubt, I've been telling them for three years that I'm single and obviously, they find it weird.I have repeatedly hesitated to invent adventures with men, but it does not make me lie so far away so officially, I'm a heart to take! By chance, my male colleagues are all cases and it is rare that I get flirted. " All eyes that converge in his direction, questions moved, hasty judgments, heavy jokes: that's what Mia tries to avoid. She is not ashamed to love a woman, but she does not want to be the attraction of the office!

"I know that we live in an advanced society and that I should not have to fear these things, but I also care about my professional future. homosexuality to my superiors could put me in danger. They hold my future in their hands and I do not want homophobic reactions to tarnish my progress on the social ladder. It's a risk that I refuse to take ... "

The danger of hiding who you are | Morgana Bailey (September 2020)