June 2, 2020

Be bi or homo and hide it so as not to disappoint your family

Claire's story reflects the challenges lesbians face when their family disapproves of their "lifestyle choices".

In front of his friends, his colleagues, his neighbors, no secret to keep: Claire assumes his homosexuality. "If they do not like it, I do not care, I live my life without hurting anyone, I've been in a couple for eight years with the same woman, I do not have fun provoking, I'm content with to lead my merry way as I hear it.Many people around me take it very well, they do not see anything different between my life and theirs, so with them, I'm not afraid to be rejected, not like with my family ... "

Although she tried to tell them the truth, Claire hides her homosexuality to his family for years. "I told them about nine years ago, when I was 20. It went very badly, my mother became distant, my father never spoke again, my sister said that she would never understand, so after a while, I told them that I had come back on the right path, that women were over. Of course, I never got overboard, especially since I met the woman of my life right after. " Revealing the truth, then denying it so as not to do too much damage, is the only solution that many lesbians have found so as not to lose contact with their family.

"For eight years, I have not seen my family, but when we meet again, things go well, to reassure them, I invent stories with men, I do not know if they are fooled, but in any case case, they do not care, they are again attentive with me: everyone is happy. "If Claire hides her sexual preferences to her family, it is above all not to disappoint. If she chose to live in secrecy, it is to ease tensions and to avoid having to choose between her parents and her personal growth.

Yet, she says it herself: "No, we can not say that keeping such a secret is easy, it's painful not being able to be yourself in front of your own parents. also, I hide from them ... "

Basically I'm Gay (June 2020)