June 10, 2023

Beach Hairstyle: 5 options to be glamorous on the sand

The braid
This season, the mat will be the it hairstyle on the beach. It helps to control the hair that rebels under the sun while displaying a glamorous look. You can bet on a classic mat, easy to do, but the real beautystas will prefer the fishtail braid, a mat on the side with two branches much more fashion, or the braided crown to play the queens of the beach.

The bun

The bun is a classic of the hairstyle beach. But not to lose all its glamor potential, we forget the bun shower quickly hurts. Hard to look like a naiad with this hairstyle informed. And especially, knotted on wet hair, it breaks the hair fiber and will therefore damage our mane. We opt instead for a bun dancer tight, hair perfectly pulled back. Or, for more natural, we put on the bun a little crazy, a little blurry, letting out a few locks. And to have nice ripples in the evening once the bun defeated, we think to twist its length before attaching them.

The wet look

Even attached, our hair sometimes continues to make hers. With the wind, often wicks escape and annoy us. To be quiet, we opt for a wet look that will discipline even the most rebellious hair. To achieve this hairstyle wet hair effect, apply one or two hazelnuts gel (if possible protective) on the roots and spread the product on the lengths with a comb. Then you tie your hair in a bun. A hairstyle perfect also for short hair.

The wild mane

If you have a good hair nature and you do not turn Jackson Five as soon as the temperature rises and the humidity prevails, we can also keep the hair loose. The seawater will then naturally make us a siren hair. And if, despite our many dives, our hair remains desperately smooth, we cheat to create ourselves a beautifully wavy mane. It uses for this hair sprays whose formula contains marine salts (Surf Spray of Bumble and Bumble in Sephora or Tigi Salt Spray). They reproduce the effect of seawater on our hair and make it a nice wavy effect.

The trick troubleshooting: the scarf or the headband

For bad hair days, we turn to scarves and headbands. True saviors of look, they can hide hair that looks gray. For the scarf, we can tie it to the pirate by wrapping his mane in it, then choose to let the lengths go beyond or not, or sixties way for a look 100% glamorous.

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