September 25, 2021

Beat your curly hair like a pro!

Solutions for frizzy hair are :
- Straightening : its gentle technique and without caustic soda product makes it possible to finally finish with the most rebellious hair.
- Specific care to smooth or structure the loop and curl.
Today, with this experience in this field, JF Lazartigue launches a new high-tech straightening straightening range.
Smoothing shampoo
The formula of this shampoo "Anti-frizz", developed from a mild cleansing base, is enriched with conditioning agents, which gives it detangling and smoothing properties without weighing down the hair. The smoothing agents coat the hair with a film that attaches to the scales and closes them.
Shampoo Straightening Straightener removes the frizziness often due to moisture and facilitates blow drying.
Price: 28? the 200 ml
Smoothing hair straightening
This styling helps smooth and remove frizz frizzy hair or frizzy.
It contains a powerful moisturizing active that prevents drying out. The presence of Shea oil nourishes and protects the keratin. In addition, it has a waterproof action to prevent the humidity of the environment to get on the hair and cause frizz.
Price: 22? the 100 ml
The detangler smoothing relaxer
This detangler has been developed to complement the action of the Shampoo Smoothing straightener. Formulated from a very soft base of vegetable origin and filled with cationic active ingredients, it facilitates the disentangling and makes the hair soft, perfectly smooth while eliminating "frizz". The presence of glycerine allows the hydration of the hair shaft.
Price: 29? the 150 ml

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