June 9, 2023

Beautiful at a low price: make up without spending anything

For free makeup, head to training centers and other makeup schools that often look for role models so students can practice what they have learned. Again, it often takes half a day. But in the end, you always come out beautifully makeup. To benefit from a free make up, inquire at the International Makeup Workshop in Paris or the Jacques Bedfert Academy in Rennes. Also remember to contact the schools of aesthetics in your area, they are certainly looking for models.

Some Sephora sometimes propose to clients to have makeup free when launching a new product. The brand also offers a flash makeup for ten euros. Ideal before an important appointment or an evening. Another solution: go to the Make up school at Sephora Champs-Elysées for a beauty focus. In 20 minutes, you learn how to make up your eyes or apply a foundation perfectly. Of course, it pays but you get the right make up techniques.

Can not afford a make-up class? Surf the Net You Tube is full of videos of Internet users teaching you how to make a smoky eye or to use such palette of makeup.

Do you swear by the samples? Many websites offer mini versions of make up or perfume. Also visit Andorra perfumes website to buy your beauty products while benefiting from prices in the Principality of Andorra.

CHEAP MAKEUP ALTERNATIVE - * FOOD * - Really Works! (June 2023)