April 1, 2020

Beautiful hair this summer: 5 tips to avoid straw effect

Sea, pool, sun and aggressive blow-drying at night in search of a hairstyle glamor after a wild day, here are the main attackers hair in the summer. It is to regret his woolen hat! Do not panic: hair care and soft solutions exist to avoid the straw effect

1.The nourishing mask at the beach
Do not be afraid to pass for the beautysta. On the beach, it's allowed. No need to bring your makeup kit to go swimming, however a nourishing hair mask will do very good effect on the driest hair or damaged, even those that usually need to rinse!

2. The keratin hair care
In the sea or at the pool, the hair is attacked by salt or chlorine. A good hair care to restore your mane after his forces have been devoured during the holidays is a Bôtox keratin treatment. This active naturally present in the hair is damaged by swimming. An application of half an hour in salon on the whole of the hair can make miracles of silky effect!

3.Adieu iron and hair dryer
Enjoy that you do not have an appointment with your boss or important customers in your immediate program to temporarily abandon these embellishers and instruments of torture for the hair. Let your hair dry on your beach towel or pillow, sport a surfer look rather than a working woman. The holiday spirit will only be reinforced!

4. Think silky oil!
Almost all haircare brands offer a version now. A silky oil, extreme brilliance, prodigious, whatever its name, it has the virtue of giving flexibility and a small mirror effect on the hair like no product.
5. Protection coloring
The sea and the sun are the best enemies of colorations. If there are color enhancers the best is to think of a hair mist with built-in SPF protection or a repair mask in application of thirty minutes after the beach.

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