November 30, 2021

Beautiful hair tips: hair oils for a silky effect

Vegetable oils: tips for strong hair

Discover how to use vegetable oils to have beautiful hair, without greasing!

We must differentiate the hair care called "oils", real oils to borrow in the kitchen or mixtures of vegetable oils. Among the latter, if they all have in common to be rich and nourishing, there are a multitude of varieties from various plants, each with particular virtues, as well as mythical formulas that associate them, to pamper both the hair and the skin. body.
Sweet almond oil for example is soothing and soothing and therefore suitable for weak hair and irritated scalps.

Olive oil, rich in vitamins A and E, and that of grape seeds are invigorating and ideal for strengthening fine, brittle and / or dry hair.

The coconut and monoi oils bring shine and softness by shaping the hair in addition to giving it a holiday scent!
Argan oil has many virtues, including regenerating and repairing the hair fiber like the skin.
Finally, apricot kernel oils and jojoba moisturize and soften while avocado oil, in addition, stimulates their growth while revitalizing them.
Cult formulas based on vegetable oils:
Hazelnut and corn oils and vitamin A, E and F complex are found in the precious Carita Beauty Fluid 14 (125ml, 58?).
The prodigious oil of Nuxe 30% of precious vegetable oils and vitamin E in a dry oil formula (50ml, 22?)
And it is a bouquet of vegetable oils and white flowers that sensory oil combines with the 3 Fleurs de Lierac : hazelnut, sweet almond, grape seeds, argan, camellia, jasmine. (100ml, 26?)
Leonor Greyl Palm Oil, a true essential care, blends ultra-fine vegetable oils into a thick formula that attaches to the lengths to repair them. A must have hair dull and damaged! (95ml, 28?)
Application tip
These oils are usually thick and can quickly sting hair.
-First tip: always apply a small amount, and far from the roots not to grease them: the oil will tend to go up the fiber by capillarity, like a blotter!
- Second tip: To take all the benefits without weighing the hair, use them as a conditioner mask: they are not light enough like the volatile formulas of the trade to be used every day, except on the spikes.
Apply generously to the lengths and ends after disentangling them to avoid knots, leave for 10 minutes and then wash your hair directly, without rinsing. At the exit, your hair is sheathed on the surface, shiny and soft!


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