May 30, 2020

Beautiful in a few minutes: a makeup without burrs

Basic eye makeup in 2 minutes

Before you start and whatever the type of result you want: brush your eyelashes with a bottle brush to make your look bigger and make it easier for you to make-up (especially when applying mascara).

If you're a low-key make-up artist, you can do it with a concealer to apply with your finger, redraw the eyebrows with a neutral pencil and apply a mascara that will make your eyes look bigger. Do not choose at random your mascara, take care to check its brush, its thickness, its volume.

A woman-active makeup in 7 minutes

How do you turn into an active, fresh and alert woman, while an hour before you were still under the duvet, the loose hair? Easy ! In front of the mirror, follow the previous tips (on the eyebrows) and then apply two light shadows on the eyelids: one darker in the eyelids with emphasis on the outer edge of the eye, the other on the top, under the eyebrows. Finish with a smart all-in-one mascara that offers a brush that lengthens, curves and gives volume. Choose it preferably with a gel tip that erases burrs, to make your life easier and give you a flawless look.

The trick: adhesive shade sheets, perfect for makeup in a matter of seconds without being afraid of a misstep.
To sublimate everything, add a little gloss on your lips to illuminate your mouth discreetly.

And the lips then?

If your makeup on the eyes is very discreet and you only have a little mascara, bet on your mouth. Before you start, get to know your mouth! According to Olivia Keusters, professional make-up artist at Gloss'up, "if the lips are thin, watch out for makeup overload! Avoid the colors of pencils and lipsticks too dark that may narrow them further. Instead, focus on shine with clear, lip-colored or slightly lighter glosses. Use a lip pencil of the same color as the mouth and draw the line slightly above the Venus arc (the "V" of the upper lip) to enlarge the mouth a little. "

Luscious lips in less than 5 minutes

For Olivia Keusters, the luscious lips must avoid the excess of gloss. "It tends to weigh them down," she says. "Lipstick side, choose it rather dark, matte or shiny, depending on your complexion. If you have a very big mouth, avoid the outline of the lips which risks to enlarge it more. Others can use a pencil of the same shade as lipstick by drawing the line slightly inward of the lip. It should not exceed the edges of the lip at the risk of overloading it even more! You can also use foundation around the lips and on the commissures by lightly dusting to reduce their size. "

Watch out for missteps!

To successfully make up your mouth quickly and without faux pas, apply your lipstick with a brush to better fix the pigments and for more precision. Start at the center and stretch to the corners. For the color, take into account the hold worn and choose the shade according to the complement of the eyes. The color of the skin also counts. Watch out for the dark ones that bring out the pallor and the whites of the eyes. If your eyes are very makeup, leave your mouth natural and opt for a light gloss.

Our favorite things:

Everyday Clinic Scrub Cream, 28?
A very gentle scrub-cream for soft lips! It removes dead cells and smooths fine lines around the lips.

Innoxa lip pencils, 7.20?
In pharmacies and parapharmacies
Sensitive lips are also entitled to their color palette! With its formulas without parabens, phenoxyethanol or allergens, these pencils are perfect for mouths prone to intolerance.

Avon Zero Fault Mascara, 12?
Thanks to its double tip, this mascara offers one side length, curve and volume of the eyelashes and the other the correction the burrs for an impeccable eyelash makeup.

Avon "in a wink" adhesive eye shadows, 15?
If you have two left hands, these easy-to-install adhesive shadows come to the point! Once the leaf is placed on the eyelid, press, rub with your fingertips and there are your eyes made up!



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