February 29, 2024

Beauty bars: the Christophe-Nicolas Biot bun bar

A hairstyle of star in 10 minutes top chrono? Nothing is impossible for the hairdressers of the salon Christophe-Nicolas Biot located in the Saint-Michel district, in Paris. Welcomed by Stéphane, he quickly introduced me to the master of the place who is working on the hair of a client.

Getting rid of my coat, I find myself in a few seconds facing myself and my hair disheveled. Helena Bonham Carter just has to stand: the competition is here! 10.20 or 30 minutes?

Stéphane asks me which formula I choose to make my express chignon. The fastest ! Depending on the event, whether it is a hairstyle for the day or for the evening, worn clothes, he visualizes a model of hairstyle and goes to work. Like an artist, he begins to carve my hair : here I am creped in all directions!

Meanwhile, while I am amazed by the dexterity with which he sticks in his little skull all his collection of bobby pliers, he explains that he works a lot on fashion shows and that in this environment originality and speed are the key words.

I learn then that with my hair long it is better to provide 20 minutes, it is better not to wash the hair the same day and that one can even come without an appointment !!

The contract is filled, in just 10 minutes, here I am, like Brigitte Bardot with a couture bun that all passers envy me! I just have to get on my Harley Davidson and come back soon to get my hair done!

Express chignon 10 ': 20?, 20': 40?, 30 ': 60?
Christophe Nicolas Biot. 52, rue Saint-André des Arts. Paris

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