April 20, 2024

Beauty bars: the Magic Smile smile bar

Think again a smiling bar is not a place where you enter and where everyone smiles stupidly. This is an atypical place, freshly imported from the United States where you go for a money laundering teeth.

Let me explain. Upon arrival I am greeted by Cécile, the hostess, who asks me a lot of questions. Am I sick? Pregnant? Do I have implants? Once the questionnaire is completed, I am supported to determine the hue of my teeth. Bein yes, we do not all have the same dentition.

This step completed, I disinfect the teeth with an antiseptic and then I get a vitamin E gel that I apply myself to desensitize my gums. I then put in my mouth a gutter (sterile course) filled with carbamide peroxide gel.

Comfortably installed on my chair, in my little bubble, with the protective glasses that go well, I'll imagine almost in full session of UV. Almost, I said ... For about twenty minutes, I let the electroluminescent lamp of the institute act. When the hour of deliverance arrives, I remove all my equipment. Whew, it seemed long! Attention, this act has nothing medical so the results are not as obvious in a dentist but I leave from there with teeth whiter and a smile that I find pest.

79? 20 minutes (with or without appointment.
Magic Smile. 13, rue Saint Sauveur Paris 2

Tendance Smile Bar (April 2024)