December 1, 2021

Beauty for my apple! Or the benefits of the apple for my skin

The apple and its beauty benefits

The apple is a fruit to consume without moderation for its many health benefits. But its extracts are also beneficial when used in cosmetology. Its skin, seed, pulp or flesh components all have interesting properties for the skin, in particular moisturizing, antioxidant and therefore anti-aging effects. This is due to the polyphenols they contain.

As in the grape, the apple contains indeed these highly antioxidant organic molecules: they slow down the production of free radicals developed by the skin in response to environmental aggressions (sun ...), and which make it age prematurely by damaging the cells and degrading their functions as collagen production ..

The extracts of the apple

The vegetable water of apple is filled with active elements like trace elements and mineral salts. It is the water that the apple tree absorbs through its roots and then uses in the leaves and fruits. This water has a stimulating effect on the cells and boosts the active ingredients of a formula making it more compatible with the skin.

Apple seeds are used to make a precious oil, rich in linoleic acid - a major component of sebum - and vitamin E, with many cosmetic properties. Apple seed oil nourishes dry skin, restores the intracellular matrix, revitalizes and protects the skin.

Another antioxidant substance of the apple is quercetin: it acts as an oxidative anti-stress, stimulates the sirtuins, enzymes that defend the cells' DNA and prolong their existence, and slows down the glycation process that induces a stiffening of the collagen .
In addition to quercetin, the apple is very rich in soluble fiber including pectin, and many other powerful antioxidants, including catechin, phloridizine, procyanidins and chlorogenic acid. Finally, the malic acid extracted from the apple is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), firming and anti wrinkle.
Used in the capillaries, apple juice and apple vinegar bring shine and strength.

Be careful, do not confuse!

The scented cares with the apple are legion but to have this good smell, it acts here of an aroma, not of an extract of the fruit or its pips which brings you benefits. No anti-aging benefits in a shower gel or body cream scented with the apple, apart from the pleasure effect!

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