August 16, 2022

Beauty look of the day: Amber Heard, Golden Globe Golden Girl

Lucky, Johnny Depp! His girlfriend, Amber Heard, was invited, Sunday, January 12, at the big ceremony of the Golden Globes 2014, held in Los Angeles. The beautiful actress took the opportunity to show off her assets. And they are many. From her dreamy plastic to her perfect complexion, Miss San Antonio's interpreter in Machete Kills has everything to please the intrepid pirate of the Caribbean. Far from being unnoticed, thanks to her slit dress and her incredible smile, Amber Heard gave us, above all, a nice make-up lesson. Take the girls out of seed! The actress has unsheathed the heavy artillery here: an evening makeup ultra sophisticated and perfectly made, we advise you all to copy for special occasions and head to head lovers. Thus put in beauty, difficult indeed, for the men, to resist you.
First step: the eyes. Amber Heard share with one advantage: the color of his eyeballs, bright green light. Color she has very well able to highlight through a mix of eyeshadow golden and coppery. She has covered her eyelid, up to the arcade, with a coppery-orange eyelid shadow with multiple glitters. She then applied, on her eyelid mobile, a darker shade, in the brown, it also deposited flush with the lower lashes, to bring a little depth to the eyes. She completed the whole thing with a pair of false eyelashes, for doe eyes, to turn heads. The actress added, finally, a touch of light, in the inner corner of her eyes, with a pearly white make-up, also applied under the eyebrows.
Second step: the complexion. What to say ? Here again, Amber Heard a step ahead: Madame displays a smooth skin, without the slightest imperfection. So easy, to get a radiant and radiant mine. A light loose powder, and a blush, are enough for the beautiful to shine. Bouh!
Last step, the girls: the hairstyle. And, here too, it is essential to imitate the actress. His hair bun XXL shell banana, which she took care to ruffle, is incredibly chic, trendy and elegant. The small strands of hair that escape from all sides bring a bohemian side to the whole. Amber Heard could not have chosen a better hairstyle. And Johnny Depp, best girlfriend.

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