June 23, 2021

Beauty look of the day: Beyoncé, crispy natural on Instagram

"Hello Boston," Beyoncé wrote on Instagram last night. The message was accompanied by a new picture of her, without makeup. "Hello beauty," they wanted to answer. On this shot, indeed, Queen B. radiates, as ever. With her chin on her right hand, her blond hair framing her face, the big winner of the BET Awards poses, malicious, the bitten lip. All an art.
This is not the first selfie of Queen B. without makeup. The star has already posted several on social networks. During his family vacation, in April 2014, first. One could see the singer, afro-winded mane, without an ounce of makeup, all smiles, facing the sea. The star, recently elected the most influential woman in the world by Forbes, had published, subsequently, another cliche of her, the naked face, wearing African braids. Beautiful.
Beyoncé therefore seems to assume what she is. Without artifices. We prefer it moreover like that. Rather than with his flashy lipsticks, and his blushes too dark. It must be said that Queen B. has plenty of strength: a flawless complexion, luscious lips, piercing black eyes. No need, in this case, to make tons, side makeup. It's also good for you girls! Follow the example of our dear Beyoncé. Cap?

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