May 29, 2023

Beauty look of the day: Cara Delevingne, chic doll on the Croisette

Allure perfectly mastered. Poses well chosen. There is no need to say: Cara Delevingne knows how to do it, in front of the cameras. Normal, you say, this 21-year-old is a model and collaborates with some very big brands, such as Saint Laurent and Victoria's Secret. The red carpet Cannes was therefore a mere formality for the beautiful, came to attend the screening of the film The Search, this Wednesday night. No way, however, to rest on its laurels. No, Cara Delevingne preferred to see things in big and out the big game, for this event size. And presented on the red carpet, with a make-up 100% glamorous.
The pretty blonde had indeed covered his lips with a sumptuous lipstick dark, which perfectly highlighted his mouth. She had associated it with a very soft eye makeup, especially recommended in this kind of case, which consisted of a little glittery eyeshadow, affixed in the inner corner of the eye, and a little of mascara, applied on the upper and lower lashes. The little thing in addition: the white pencil line, inside the eye, to illuminate even more his eyes, piercing green. Hair style, Cara Delevingne had bet on a very wild one shoulder, in total adequacy with his make-up.
Level look, Karl Lagerfeld's little protégé had done honor to his mentor by opting for a dress, all in gold and copper sequins, from the collection fall 2013 Chanel house. A choice certainly, not daring, but judicious.

I Got Transformed Into Cara Delevingne | Beauty Evolution | Refinery29 (May 2023)