October 27, 2021

Beauty look of the day: Elle Fanning, enchantress for the Louis Vuitton fashion show

The Fanning sisters were on Wednesday in the French capital, for the famous Paris Fashion Week. Arms on their arms, they both went to the Maison Louis Vuitton's spring-summer 2014 parade. They also took the time to pose, one next to the other, to the delight of the paparazzi present. On clichés, She Fanning, the youngest, stood out clearly. Enchantingly beautiful, almost fairy, the pretty blonde had indeed the appearance of a fantastic heroine, as lost in the middle of the city Light. Features that she had largely accented with a make-up entirely pink, declined in different shades. A fuchsia pink and almost glossy, to cover his lips, and a pastel pink, to emphasize his green eyes. She then added a touch of glittery, pearly white eyeshadow, affixed to the inner corner of the eye, to further illuminate her eyes. In short, a romantic beauty look, a bit lolita. In total agreement then, with the face still baby of the actress.
The rest of his face was natural, with no trace of makeup. One could even denote some small imperfections on his cheeks. She Fanning Still, it remained unbelievably beautiful and mesmerizing. On the hair side, the actress had, as usual, the hair loose and ultra-smooth, childish blond, almost white. The trademark of Fanning.

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