September 30, 2020

Beauty look of the day: Karlie Kloss and her perfect cut squared

She inspired all the stars this summer, with her blurry square. Hairstyle powered by top beauty trends of the year, by leading British and American magazines. Victoria's Secret Angels members Karlie Kloss was invited to the big table of icons, followed and copied by celebrities and women around the world. The supermodel even managed to breathe new life into the square cut, become, over time, a banal hairstyle, simple and classic. With her crazy wicks, a wavy strand and her natural hairstyle, she has brought it up to date in its own way and launched a movement, which does not seem ready to stop. No doubt tired of seeing her hairstyle imitated, Karlie Kloss has abandoned her wavy blur for a square cut much wiser and disciplined. She was showing her hair on the red carpet at the Museum Gala in New York on Thursday, November 21st. Smooth hair, short straight cut, and small wick plated on the side of his forehead, Karlie Kloss had, that evening, the appearance of model child. It must be said that the model has a somewhat childish face. Despite this girlish appearance, this square cut disciplined fits him perfectly.
Make-up side, same story: Karlie Kloss had chosen a discreet and simple make-up, no frills. She had sublimated her complexion with a little apricot blush and emphasized her green eyes with a dash of black liner. Nothing else. This makeup was a perfect match for her square cut wise and straight. A beauty look to copy without hesitation for this winter. Karlie, we join!

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