April 17, 2024

Beauty look of the day: Kate Winslet, naturally radiant in London

What we like about Kate Winslet it is his ability to age gracefully. Over the years, she has been changed. She has gone from flaming red hair to a golden blond, small wrinkles are now visible in the corner of her eyes but it is nonetheless radiant. The British is fiercely opposed to cosmetic surgery and when we see it we say she is right. Age and pregnancy make Kate Winslet more beautiful. The proof. The 37-year-old actress is pregnant with her third child and that did not stop her, Monday, October 14, in London, to appear more radiant and natural than ever during the photo shoot for the presentation of her latest film, "Last Days of Summer" with Josh Brolin and Jason Reitman.

Kate Winslet had chosen simplicity that day beauty issue. The actress's hair was loose, delicately waved for a wavy perfectly mastered. As for make-up, the actress has never been a big fan of "over make up", on the contrary she prefers discreet elegance. On special occasions, she generally opts for the combo eyeliner + lengthening mascara, stretching the upper lashes outward. Otherwise, for her appearances in public said more "classic", the beautiful is a follower of the strict minimum and the natural makeup. And that's what we like at home. So, this famous Monday, October 14th, Kate Winslet had opted for the make-up "zero defect". His complexion was plain and very slightly blushed for a matte finish and 100% good looking. On the eyes, the actress had drawn a discreet line of gray pencil and applied a nude eyeshadow with a few golden tips. A single layer of black mascara on the upper lashes and a slight boost on the lower lashes complemented this discreet and natural eye makeup. Finally, on the lips, a bright nude beige lipstick was set for a moisturizing and luminous effect.

Result: Kate Winslet perfectly handles the art of "less is more". Her beauty looks are ultra-natural and beautifully sublimates her features. The actress shines, simply!

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