April 20, 2024

Beauty look of the day: Mélanie Thierry without makeup at Roland Garros

As beautiful with that without makeup. Mélanie Thierry has nothing more to prove. Happy mother (she has two children with the singer Raphael), filled actress, and original beauty, the French woman has everything of the perfect woman. To convince herself of it, you only had to watch it when she came to the Roland-Garros tournament on Thursday.

It's downright without any artifice Mélanie Thierry stopped in the VIP area of ​​Paris International, where she was photographed. And it is to believe that indeed the actress of 32 years does not need anything to be sublime. She displayed perfectly clean skin and a zero-flawed complexion on naturally luscious lips. No need either for mascara or eyeshadow to highlight the blue of its irises. The actress was simply beautiful and 100% natural.

Hairdressing question, here too Mélanie Thierry had played the card of the natural. She had tied her hair back and several locks fell around her face. For once, this is a real neglected hairstyle. And even like that, the actress radiated beauty.

The French was therefore living proof that yes we can be beautiful in the natural and not the plastic surgery is not the answer to all problems, even when one is a star. Thank you Mélanie!

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