August 14, 2022

Beauty look of the day: Marion Cotillard divinely retro in Marrakech

French elegance. Marion Cotillard illustrated it, once again, wonderfully, this weekend, for the Marrakech Film Festival. Jury member of this film event, she lit up the red carpet, held at the opening ceremony on Friday evening 29th. More luminous and radiant than ever, the companion of Guillaume Canet had opted for a divinely retro beauty look, which suited him perfectly. It must be said that the face of the beautiful lends itself particularly. Her porcelain complexion, intense look and shy smile make her look like a Hollywood star, 40's version. The hairstyle chosen by the actress that night accentuated this impression even more. The actress had indeed raised her hair back, which she had separated from a line in the middle. All in a wet and gominé aspect, worked with styling spray. For the glamorous touch, Marion Cotillard had let out a strand of hair, on the right side of her face, which she had buckled. What give us some ideas for the evening of the eve ...
On the make-up side, Marion Cotillard had chosen, here too, to play the card of glamor. She had underlined her azure look with a thick line of black liner, which ended in a broad point. Result: a cat eye perfectly successful. And doe eyes, always in a retro spirit. For the mouth, the actress had opted for a very nude, slightly glossy, and hardly noticeable. La Môme's incredible performer is particularly fond of this type of lipstick, which delicately highlights her mouth.
Level look, the actress had, here too, released the big game, with a long dress Christian Dior from the autumn-winter 2013 collection. An outfit that sumptuously highlighted its size. In short, you will understand: Marion Cotillard has, once again, caused a sensation on a red carpet. It is attributed, without hesitation, a 20/20 for all of its look, fashion as beauty.

Marion Cotillard Inspired Makeup Look (August 2022)