October 25, 2021

Beauty look of the day: Olivia Munn, pretty pop dancer in New York

Olivia Munn is still little known here and yet she is already a star across the Atlantic. Commended for her performance as an economic journalist with a strong character in The NewsroomOlivia Munn is also a fashionista and an outstanding beautista. The term fashion faux-pas does not seem to be part of her vocabulary and side make-up the young woman is a beauty and colorful beauty at a time.

On Wednesday, October 22, the actress was in New York for an evening organized by the American Ballet Theater. Probably to stick to the theme of the day, she had donned a dress that looked falsely like a dancer's tutu. And especially she had adopted the beauty look that went with it. Olivia Munn had therefore brought her hair back, well clad, to achieve a hair bun high type hair bun dancer. A hairstyle that perfectly highlighted the rounded shape of his face.

And make-up side, the actress assured. She had worked her complexion in transparency for a good-looking, very natural effect (without trying to hide her freckles). Her almond-shaped eyes looked even bigger than usual thanks to a thin line of black eyeliner flush with the upper lashes, a long stretch of mascara and a little pearly white eye shadow in the inner corner. of the eye. To add a touch of color and modernity to the set, Olivia Munn opted for a lipstick matte pink glossy color. A color that brightened his complexion and bring a fresh twist to its beauty.

Sublime, no?

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