May 29, 2023

Beauty look of the day: Olivia Wilde and her flashy lipstick

Olivia Wilde, notably known for his role in the series "Dr. House", is currently doing the front page of celebrity magazines. And for good reason, the actress announced last week that she was pregnant with her first child, with his dear and tender Jason Sudeikis (see our article: Olivia Wilde expecting a child with Jason Sudeikis). Since the announcement of this happy event, the media scrutinize the red carpet, looking for the pretty brunette. They were finally served on Saturday night at LACMA 2013 in Los Angeles. Olivia Wilde and his companion went there, for their first official appearance. If it was difficult to detect a possible baby bump, because of his long black dress a little baggy, his beauty look, he has hit us in the eye. Olivia Wilde had indeed chosen to focus on his lips, with an ultra-flashy fuschia lipstick. Bright, brilliant and brilliant, this lipstick lit up her soft face, which she had simply put on in order not to fall into excess. The actress had opted for a glowy complexion, and had underlined his eyes smoky eyes light a bit smoky.
Side hairstyle, again without fail for Olivia Wilde, who had here bet on a hair 100% natural, with some ripples wavy. This beauty, all in all very simple, highlighted its sumptuous tie-dye.
Already spotted by the editor last Tuesday at the IWMNF ceremony, in an ultra-chic spring dress (see our article: Look of the day: Olivia Wilde, spring chic in Los Angeles), Olivia Wilde proves, once again, that she will be a trendy and elegant mom in all circumstances. We did not doubt it for a second!

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