January 16, 2022

Beauty look of the day: Prince Harry and his wild beard

He almost stole the show from Kate and William. The prince Harry created a surprise on December 25 during the traditional church service in Sandringham, Norfolk. He appeared, alongside the royal family, with a three-day beard, rather thick and ... wild. A beard that totally transformed his face. Without these flamboyant hairs, the Prince Harry has a little baby, smooth and wise. But with this goatee, Prince William's brother is totally transformed. With his little side Robinson Crusoe, the latter is indeed much sexier. We are also sure that the groupies of the prince Harry highly appreciate this change. We still wonder if his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, is a fan of this new look, a bit rebellious. She is reassured, the Prince Harry just adapt to current trends. More and more men are letting their hair grow, which is very popular with women. No doubt he wanted to follow the movement. Or meet the demands of his dear and tender Cressida Bones.
Anyway, we are totally crazy about this new style, which suits him perfectly. The prince Harry, with this beard, is more "man", more manly. He would look almost like a perfect hipster. However, it lacks the cap, the logger's shirt and the glasses to complete the panoply. %But whatever ! This change is, in our eyes, a real success. Because, even if we found it already cute with its smooth cheeks, we prefer it even more with this little red beard. Thank you Harry... it's a very nice Christmas present that you make us there!

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