May 30, 2020

Beauty look of the day: Rita Ora plays glamorous sirens in London

"The Glamorous" sang Fergie. Rita Orashe gave life to the melody, this Monday, December 2 in London, during the British Fashion Awards 2013. The singer, invited to attend the ceremony, has indeed parade on red carpet, in an amazing sequined dress, which made think of the glittering tail of a siren. A look she had extended, beauty side. To be more like this mythological being, Rita Ora had waved his hair, with very wide and very flexible loops. The result is a retro mane, halfway between the hair of Ariel (the little mermaid), and that of Marylin Monroe. Just that ! Its platinum coloring made it look, a bit more, to the famous pin-up. And added a Hollywood touch to the whole thing. To complete this glamorous beauty look, Rita Ora had covered his lips with a matte carmine red lipstick, for a pulpy and perfectly drawn mouth. Level dyed, the singer had, once again, chose a glowy appearance, much sought after by the stars. In this regard, if you want to have the same skin, smooth and flawless, know that the star has recently announced its secret beauty: it is the bio-enzyme masks, brand Talika, which we invite you to Win on right now (see our game: Earn 5,000 Talika Treatments for Eyes, Face and Body!).
Rita Ora had also emphasized his hazel eyes with a line of black liner. She had also curled her lashes with a mascara, and probably an eyelash curler, to achieve such an effect. Doe eyes, mouth to chew and dreamy hair, Rita had seen things big for this fashion ceremony. All eyes were on her. Especially since it was announced in the cast of the highly anticipated Fifty Shades of Gray ...

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