August 15, 2022

Beauty man: so that it shaves with all serenity

Men's skin is put to the test daily. Indeed, they shave regularly, or even daily, according to their hair. And the shavingWhether with a mechanical or electric razor, is a first attack of the skin of the face. Tugging, micro-cuts, redness, pimples, the razor burn causes all these small inconveniences that it is important to deal with the appropriate products.

Tell your man that he must stop poking your products. He needs his own creams and other specific gels adapted to his skin.
For healthy skin and a shaving that respects the skin, gentlemen, it makes you respect several stages.

Before shaving :

- Start by preparing your skin for shaving. For this, clean your face with a face soap.
- Erase your skin once or twice a week to eliminate dead skin and avoid unsightly ingrown hairs on the face.
- If you shave with an electric shaver, opt for a pre-shave lotion that will prepare your skin for a razor.

The shaving :

Gel or mousse, it is up to you to choose the texture that you prefer. For those who tend to have tugging or redness, however, opt for products enriched with soothing agents such as aloe for example. As for men with hard beards, opt for more creamy textures.

TheAfter-shave :

- Once the shaving done, do not forget the step After-shave. If you have a hard beard, choose suitable products to avoid blade irritation. TheAfter-shave allows the skin to regain its balance and stop the tightness due to razor burn. It also helps to cleanse the skin and thus prevent small infective pimples.

Our selection of products for the shaving :
Normal face soap, Clinic, 19 ?.
Exfoliating exfoliating gel, Ducray, 8.65 ?.
Shaving foam, Ducray, 9,30 ?.
Shaving Cream, Clinic, 13 ?.
Fluid After-shave, Avène, 15,20 ?.
Dermo-K, care and prevention of the ingrown hair, Avène, 11,25 ?.

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