December 10, 2023

Beauty of eyelashes: coloring and permanent eyelashes

The coloring

These are usually blondes or redheads who opt for the coloring Eyelash. Indeed, for clear eyelashes, the difference between eyes made up and not made up is much more obvious. Some complain that without mascaratheir eyes immediately look more tired. The coloring eyelashes is then the solution. If this does not replace the effect of some mascaras much more intense, the coloring can be suitable for every day and already gives a new intensity that will delight more than one.

In practice, many institutes offer this technique. The beautician starts by applying a cream to protect the skin. She then places a cotton pad at the root of the eye and applies the stain. Then you have to wait less than ten minutes. With a soaked cotton, the makeup artist removes the excess and your eyelashes are made up for several weeks. This usually lasts from one to two months, depending on the people. It is also possible to color oneself lashes with a kit of coloring sold in specialty stores, but it still requires some fingerings.
The permanent

Tired of your straight eyelashes that do not bend and veil your eyes. Rather than using the eyelash curler every day, try the perm. Based on the same principle as a hair perm, permanent eyelashes curl eyelashes for a doe effect for two to three months.

In institute or at home, the essential tool of a perm eyelashes is the hair curler. There are different sizes depending on the length of the eyelashes and the desired effect. The beautician places the hair curler flush with the eyelashes, the eye closed, then makes the eyelashes adhere to the curler sticker to create the curvature. It then goes to the application of the product that will allow the eyelash to keep its shape. It is necessary to count a time of exposure of 10 to 15 min. Then after rinsing gently, she puts the fixative product. Once the two products have been applied, all that remains is to rinse with warm water in order to loosen the eyelashes of the curler delicately.
In everyday life, you can then apply your mascara Normally, but this time, you'll already have a nice eyelash curve!

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