October 27, 2021

Beauty of star makeup: Katherine Heigl, chic and sensual

Katherine Heigl Although she is a woman of her time, in terms of beauty and elegance, she likes to go back to the great classics of cinema. A bit Marilyn Monroe, a bit Ava Gardner, she goes out the big game to try to compete with these great figures of beauty and 7th art.
A complexion of doll
The dyed always remains the first step of any successful makeup. The goal is to unify the dyed, to better sublimate the face with blush, light touch, mascara and lipstick. Katherine Heigl so bet on a background of dyed light fluid, which adapts to the color of its skin. She did not skimp on the concealer, to better bring out her intense black makeup in the eyes. A peach blush pink perfect all and give him these tunes of beautiful doll.
An intense black look
To you the black pencil, for this intense black makeup. For better hold, think of an eye shadow base before getting into color. So black around the eyes, slightly dimmed for a smoky effect. Do not forget to blacken the inner lashes for more intensity.
The beautiful Katherine Heigl then melted the black of her mobile eyelid with a slight pink in the hollow of the eyelid, before finishing with a light make-up for the light touch below the brow bone. If necessary redraw the line of the eyebrows and discipline and intensify eyeshadow or eyebrow pencil.
A velvety mouth
There is no question of yogurt here, but indeed a velvety effect, fresh and sensual. Katherine Heigl stays in the rose, but a rose with a touch of brown for his lips. Before moving on lipstick, she has also drawn her lips in pink pencil, before filling them with red, to finish on a gloss that gives this sensual touch to makeup.

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