September 25, 2021

Beauty spots: I want a new cut!

The most fashionable
David Lucas, the hairdresser who goes up! Virginia Effira would not entrust his head to anyone else. He opened his living room hairstyle few months ago . It feels like home, plus luxury! David welcomes you warmly, you pamper. Physionist, he will see at first glance the cut you need, you can go with your eyes closed.
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The most atypical
My Cut concept . In the heart of one of the trendiest areas of Nice, My Cut concept is part of these shows that combine many activities as it is also a fashion boutique, creators and accessories of very famous brands. trend. We are fans!
Address: 11 Defly Street 06000 Nice. Tel: 04 93 01 53 19

The most trendy
The Face Spirit hair salon. The idea: to have a hair style. On the program: Electro pointed in soundtrack and young women with scissors.
We like: this show has a real identity. And there is exclusive products Bumble and Bumble, we love it!
The price: The shampoo-cut-brushing costs 62 euros. The complete service, with sweeping or coloring, is less than 100 euros.
Address: 18 rue Francis Davso 13006 Marseille Tel: 04 91 55 01 66

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