August 2, 2021

Beauty test: Manushka tested hair mask with Klorane Abyssinian Oil

Waw but what a big pot, I have for a moment with that !!! In fact that's what I told myself the first time I saw it because I had the opportunity to test it a few months ago via my blog.
The presentation puts confidence, like all Klorane products, it looks more like a drug than a cosmetic product, we say right away: "Great, besides making me beautiful, it's also good for my health!" And the matt white pot with the cream that we see in transparency is reminiscent of a mysterious ointment. I just love it !
It's my heart stroke. It is exhilarating without being stubborn, it seems like a treat. Attention eh, it's not eaten!
I also love the texture of tonight: creamy, easy to apply, the texture is really very nice. Small flat, it is a little too fondant for my taste, I have the hair fuzzy in nature but I soften them, but the easing is a chemical treatment similar to straightening, my hair are very fragile. I like when my mask hair conditioner is very thick in order to fit each hair well.
The use of this mask is very easy, a big nut is spread very easily over the lengths and rinsing is done without difficulty.
This product is particularly suitable for my type of hair : frizzy, dry, weakened. It is ultra nourishing and above all it is an exceptional moisturizer: it leaves the hair soft and gives back the spring to the loops. The best is to do it right after the shampoo-care oil of Abyssinia: it's the winning duo!
On the other hand, I always leave my hair masks pose minimum 20 minutes under charlotte to guarantee an optimal contribution in vitamins. Also, this one did not escape the rule and my hair only better. 
I adopted this product for 2 months, that is to say if my opinion is well thought out! I can say that it keeps its promises: it facilitates disentangling, it moisturizes and softens the hair fiber and as a bonus it perfumes them delicately.
My rating: 8/10
Personal remarks:
I tested it on hair very frizzy and on frizzy hair and these 2 hairs were seduced too!

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