July 12, 2024

Beauty test: Sabrina tested the nail polish Mavala Mango orange

I have already tested several varnishes of this collection and precisely this one I did not have it so it's great to be able to test it!
Presentation question, still too simple for my taste, this brand has a look "immutable" very simple, but the quality saves the packaging an old hair. As for the texture, it is quite fluid but a bit sticky to the pose. So, the application is very easy, but the drying was long enough ...
I do not like orange in general on me because I am quite skin neutral, but there I was very tanned so it went very well. I applied two layers of nail polish, with a front base.
I used a single day because I change colors often, so I'm a little disappointed by the long drying and the finish that was not perfect, this varnish left some streaks even dry.
My grade
7/10, a nice collection of colors, but the finish was not perfect.

More info on Sabrina's blog //passiondesongles.over-blog.com


Testing nail polishes (July 2024)