December 10, 2019

Beauty tip: a long lasting tan

A cure of solar capsules

A few weeks before the departure, we put in the program a cure of solar capsules which one will continue during the holidays and two weeks after the return. These nutritional supplements make it possible to prepare the skin before the exposure, to stimulate the Sun tanning and especially to make it last longer. Rich in beta carotene, the solar capsules act on the production of melanin, thus contributing to the pigmentation of the skin, ie to the rise of the tan then to the conservation of the Sun tanning.

Nutritional Concentrate Solar Sensitivity, Innéov, 17?
Solar intensive, Oenobiol, 16.48?
Sun vitamins, 30 capsules, 22,50?

Progressive exposure

The way we expose ourselves will determine the duration of the Sun tanning. For caramel skin that lasts, you must tan intelligently. We expose ourselves gradually, applying a Solar cream adapted to his skin and sunshine. We also avoid the sun in the hottest hours (between 12 pm and 16 pm). Your tan will spend the summer only if you tan little by little.

A gentle scrub

Does it erase or not its skin in summer? Urban legend wants the scrub to leave the tan. But the reality is different. Admittedly, we must ban aggressive scrubs too violent for skin already weakened by UV. But it is still essential to attack the dead cells that accumulate and make us gray skin. We then choose a gentle scrub, which is used once a week. It will certainly eliminate the Sun tanning superficial composed of dead cells but it will reveal a Sun tanning deeper which will be brighter and uniform and will last longer.

Angélique Morning Rose Scrub, L'Occitane en Provence, 19?.
Gommant care for dry skin, Monoprix, 4,10?.
Oriental Argan Pleasure Scrub, So Bio Etic, 8.25 ?.

Daily hydration
Prolonged sun exposure dries and dehydrates the skin. Result, if we do not take the appropriate measures, we peel, losing all our pretty colors. To avoid debronisation in a few days, it is necessary to moisturize the skin daily, after each exposure of course but also to the return of holidays. We choose rich, nourishing textures because our skin needs more nutrition than usual.

Nourishing Milk Surgras, Intensive Mixa, 4.99?
Coconut Body Scrub, The Body Shop, 15?
Intense Moisture Surge, Clinic, 48?

Plus: activating tanning treatments
In recent years, activating Sun tanning have landed in our vanity. They are preparers (to use before departure in the sun) or extenders (to be applied to the return), they operate on the same principle. Their formula contains natural assets that stimulate pigmentation by promoting the synthesis of melanin. Result: before the exposure, they raise the tan, during, they accelerate the Sun tanning and intensifies it, after, they make it last longer.

Serenity Sun Serum Preparer Sun tanning, Phytomer, 28?
Extender Sun tanning Monoi of Tahiti, Corine de Farme, 6.50?
Iridescent satin milk Sunific, Lierac, 22?