December 9, 2019

Beauty tip: our coloring tips before the beach

Do a coloring just before going to the beach is it a good idea? As we know, UV is as harmful to the hair as it is to the skin. They penetrate the hair fiber already weakened by coloring products (or bleaching) and damage even more. The color can then turn or wash out. Must we ban the box? coloring before a long exposure to the sun and opt for the natural? Not necessarily. For a coloring who holds the shock during all the holidays, it is enough to make the good gestures before the departure.

We go through the barber box two to three weeks before departure

After one coloring, our hair is weakened. Before exposure to the sun, you must give them time to recover from their emotions. So we go through the hairdresser box two to three weeks before departure. This will allow time for the scales of the hair to close, the color will be less likely to escape. The hairdresser is also asked to concentrate his work on the roots and to leave the natural lengths.

We choose a color darker than our usual color

Our coloring will automatically lighten in the sun. To avoid having too light hair after a few days, we choose a color a tone above our usual shade. Our mane will certainly be darker than normal at that time but, in the sun, it will quickly evolve to the desired shade.

We anticipate with a shaded hair
Since our color will lighten on the tips with the combination sun and sea water, we take the lead and we opt for a shaded hair. This coloring tie and dye combines darker roots with lighter points, just as sunny by the sun. Once in the sun, the shaded hair will evolve so much better than a coloring monochrome.

We avoid the roux

Even if the red is the color of the season, you do not get an incendiary hair on a whim just before leaving. The red pigments (whether red, auburn or mahogany) are indeed very fragile and will not resist the attack of UV. Leakage assured. In order not to end up with a mane faded and faded after a few days, it is better to abstain. If we already have a red base and that step coloring is required for a refresh, we opt for copper highlights with a base brown or blonde. The color will clear in the sun but will not turn.

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