June 23, 2021

Beauty: tips from the pros

The tip of Tom Pécheux, makeup artist Shiseido, for a star look:
To open the eyes, there is no more effective than an eyelash curler. It's my favorite accessory. Few women dare to use it because it scares a lot. Yet, the hand is easy to catch!

The tip of my neighborhood barber for shiny hair:
To make hair shine, add vinegar rinse in the last rinse water, it's unstoppable!

The trick of Cyril Nesmon, at Nivéa Beauté for curved eyelashes: 
For an ultra-simple curling effect, place your fingers under the still fresh mascara while it dries.

Yves Rocher's make-up "button cache":
When you have an imperfection, conceal it with a little correction. Distract the attention with a very neat and well drawn mouth. This is called diversion. Nothing is worse than a thick layer of corrector, we do not see more than that!

Two tips from Max Herlant, at Arcancil:
To give them a sexy touch, I imbibe the lips of cleansing milk to reinflate them and I use a little hair gel to discipline the eyebrows.

A "light" trick of Dany Sanz, makeup designer at Make Up For Ever:
To bring light and bounce to the face, pour a little foundation in the palm of your hand by adding a cloud of light eyeshadow (white transparent) and work on the finger. Blush lights without changing the color.

The tip of Max Delorme at Gemey Maybelline, for well drawn eyebrows:
Do not throw away your old brown mascara. Its slightly dry texture allows to redraw, color and fix the eyebrows. The pasty brush is wiped with a tissue and applied from the base of the eyebrow outward. A dark brown is perfect for brunettes and a light brown for blondes.

Pro Makeup Tips: How to Make Everything Look Good! | Melissa Alatorre (June 2021)