April 10, 2021

Beauty trend: less is more

Why this trend?
As if the consumers, finally, the consumers were tired of the complicated products and their very pointed technologies, one attends a craze for the natural one. Organic, but also self-made cosmetics and old school recipes. In addition, ingredients are regularly implicated as harmful, irritating to the skin, dangerous when it is not carcinogenic. This drives consumers to look for products that are no longer effective at all costs and miraculous through chemistry, but simply basic and harmless. Hence this pronounced interest in formulas devoid of any suspect ingredient, preservatives (parabens), chemical dyes, through "phthalates", "phenoxyethanol" (fixatives), and other agents that participate in the formula , but also perfume and dyes, irritating to allergic skin. It is common today to indicate on a product what it does not contain rather than what it contains!
The principle
The idea is to manufacture pure care, refocused on their essential assets, to meet the needs of the most fragile skin, the most intolerant and the most reactive.
These creams with a medical look ensure the barrier effect of a day care and generally have a strong moisturizing and soothing power: the first to have launched are brands based on thermal water which is the No. 1 ingredient of formulas. Then, organic brands have also claimed the "no", but less to target sensitive skin than to claim the naturalness of their formulas.
High tech packaging
These formulas often go hand in hand with an "airless" packaging, that is to say a pump bottle where the air does not enter to avoid any oxidation and to minimize the entry of microbes. Some are even sterile! The high-tech packaging that completely protects the formula compensates for the lack of preservatives by keeping it free from contamination.
This care is for me?
This is for you if you claim the natural and that the idea that questionable ingredients are present in the formulas that you put on your skin bother you. It is also for you if you have sensitive skin, intolerant and it no longer supports any care, especially in case of allergies. It is also a good option to follow a heavy dermatological treatment that has weakened the skin, or following a dermo-aesthetic intervention.
Advantages : they are the basic care par excellence, good all the time for everyone without intolerance possible with excellent
Disadvantages: They do not adapt to the needs of the skin because their action is very limited, do not contain sunscreen and do not target or treat a specific problem.
Focus products
- The DEFI System, Extreme Tolerance range ofAvène
Previously proposed in pods, this cream that contains very few ingredients, (9 only!) Is today in a new sterile dispensing system. Equipped with a special membrane, this Exclusive Formula Intact Device completely prevents the cream from coming into contact with the air: it remains sterile in the tube! Even the amount of cream that is still stuck in the tip no longer exists: it remains or it comes out! No retro-contamination is possible by the product when it re-enters the tube because nothing remains between the two. Extreme tolerance, 50 ml, 16,90? ; //www.eau-thermale-avene.com/
- Tolerian Ultra 0% La Roche Posay
Renamed "0%" because it contains 0% preservative, paraben, perfume, alcohol, dye and lanolin. The formula is reduced to the maximum, without any potentially irritating or allergenic substance: a hyper-safe and ultra-minimalist formulation! It remains the essential: Neurosensine, an asset with soothing action enhanced by the thermal water of La Roche-Posay, naturally soothing and anti-irritant, which targets cutaneous intolerances. Non-comedogenic, total safety and of course tested on allergic skin, its pump bottle is 100% hermetic: a plastic bag contains the cream inside the transparent tube. We see this pocket empty as and when uses, without a gram of air enters! Tolériane Ultra, 40ml, 15,90? //www.laroche-posay.fr/

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