October 22, 2021

Beer-based Christmas dish: Gingerbread fillet with gingerbread juice and Christmas Beer

Recipe Christmas for 4 people from Sonia Ezgulian: Fillet of guinea fowl with gingerbread juice Christmas.

- 4 guinea fowl fillets,
- 250 g of gingerbread,
- 2 shallots,
- the juice of an orange,
- a few sprigs of fresh coriander
- 1 knob of sweet butter
- 1 dash of hazelnut oil,
For the sauce:
- 20 cl of veal juice,
- 3 tbsp. Beer of beer Christmas,
- 1 square of dark chocolate
- 1 small stick of cinnamon.

Mix the breadcrumbs with breadcrumbs.

In a salad bowl, mix the gingerbread with finely chopped shallots, chopped coriander and orange juice. The meland becomes compact. Make a large incision in the guinea fowl fillets to form a pocket.
Divide the gingerbread dough, close and set with wooden sticks. In a frying pan, sauté the guinea fowl with butter and peanut oil for one minute on both sides and bake for 8 minutes at 180 ° C.

Meanwhile, deglaze the pan with the Beer Christmasadd veal juice, cinnamon and chopped chocolate. The sauce then becomes very creamy.

Arrange the guinea fowl fillet, cut in two or three thick slices, with a little bit of juice. Christmas.

Happy and Happy Christmas !

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