December 1, 2021

"Being a single mother is not necessarily an obstacle course"

Sophie, 34: "I am a single mother and proud to be!"

"I'm not going to pretend that the early years were easy, but since my children are in school, I'm doing very well, I left my ex-husband 4 years ago when my son Lucas was 2 ½ years old and my daughter Camille a little less than a year old, unfaithful, he multiplied the adventures and cared very little about his family. This is always the case, he sees his children 2 or 3 times a year and does not really care what can happen to them. First broken, I knew how to rebuild myself and become stronger, more energetic, more alive. From now on, I live for my children and the love that I give them, they make me to infinity. My job takes time, but I'm lucky to have very busy parents and a salary that allows me to call a nanny when necessary. Another pillar in my life: my friends. I have a lot of friends singles, who live about the same as me. Mutual help and dialogue are essential. Thanks to all this, I can honestly say that I am happy and fulfilled. Love? I do not run after him, but why not ... in a few years! "

Anne-Laure, 44 years old: "Being a mother single : a good memory..."

"This sentence must surprise you, but it is true: I am currently married and live in a beautiful and large family recomposed. Yet for 6 years, I was a mother single. My husband having left after 10 years of weddingI found myself alone with my 3 children. It brought us a lot closer together. Before, their father gave them everything and I was the authoritarian and boring mother. After the departure of my ex-husband, I softened, I took the time to discuss and multiply the fun activities with them. Being the only parent, my children helped me as much as possible and became more supportive. Although financially and emotionally it has been hard, I do not regret this stage of my life. Especially since it allowed me to find my soul sister and to add 4 toddlers to my list of adored children! "

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