January 16, 2022

Being fashionable at the beach

To be fashion in a bikini this summer, avoid the "bling bling" look that is no longer bet (crisis requires!). Stay simple while working on your pace. This year, the trend is bohemian chic ...

For the jersey, the one-piece model is back this summer, but not just any, it must be flared in the middle and sexy trend. Do not forget to bring in your luggage the famous triangle bikini, which emphasizes the silhouette and puts the forms in value.

This year, to be the star of fine sand, the flagship accessory is the shorts. Choose a wide model that you will wear with Spartans or Wedges. The sarong must also be part of your basket, opt for jewelry simple: a necklace, some bracelets, all to wear sparingly.

For the top, the fashion is at the t-shirts size xxland at sunset, you can wear a long dress with floral patterns ...

Forget the cap to protect yourself from the sun and sport a large fabric capeline (or a Panama hat), a printed scarf tied around the hair that will bring a glamorous touch to your look.

To perfect your look, bet on sunglasses 100% UV protection. The aviator model is the essential accessory this summer. For your long ballads, the Havaianas flip flops are the must have to the beach. Simple and comfortable, it adapts to all your outfits.

Our advice:
For the bag of beachchoose a large straw or fabric model. Bet on simplicity while combining convenience, you're sure to put everything in it!

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