April 20, 2024

Being pregnant: diet girl or boy, does it work?

Those who believe in it ...

Curt Herbst: in 1930, this German scientist discovers that the mineral balance in the diet of the female can determine the sex of her fetus (consumption of calcium and magnesium would promote a baby while that of potassium and sodium would act more in favor of a baby male). A theory confirmed in the 1960s by Professor Joseph Stolkowski (author of Boy or Girl: the choice by preconceptual solution to Editions Chiron) and especially by Dr. François Papa. Through his own works and the bestseller Choose the sex of your child by the method of diet food (Lattès editions), the famous gynecologist and obstetrician French states that the diet would influence the sorting of sperm X or Y at the time of fertilization. The mother's diet would influence the progression of sperm cells, carriers of the X chromosome (which will give a daughter) or Y chromosome (which will give a boy), and this method would ensure 88% success provided that the woman starts this diet at least two and a half months before conceiving and that she follows him precisely and scrupulously.

... and those who do not believe it
I'm waiting for a child of Laurence Pernoud (Horay editions), Wait baby René Frydman (Hachette santé), The great book of my pregnancy of the National College of Gynecologists and Obstetricians (Eyrolles) ... and many others agree that in general, "none of these methods * has given scientific results recognized" or "n ' has shown its reliability ", that" only chance comes into play "and qualify these various remedies" all more fanciful and especially ineffective one than the other ". Moreover, it is enough to question some sisters / friends or to make a turn on the forums of young people or future mothers to see that the method has its followers ... and its detractors. At the same time, with 1 chance out of 2 to reach the desired result, we have a 50% chance of getting there (a little less since it was born 1.05 boy for 1 girl)!

*diet food, method of modifying vaginal acidity (by injection of water and baking soda or vinegar in the vagina 15 minutes before sexual intercourse), quality and frequency of sexual intercourse (more or less close to ovulation ).

Attention to deficiencies
Before starting this type of diet, always ask your doctor for advice on the contraindications (high blood pressure, kidney failure, diabetes, nephritis, hypercalciuria, heart problems ...) and give you some tips to avoid possible deficiencies that could be serious for yourself and your baby. Also, do not rely on charlatans who sell you a method, a diet or an ingredient 100% foolproof because no scientific study has yet demonstrated the effectiveness of any method whatsoever. Finally, do not make an obsession, the disappointment would be even greater in case of failure. And remember that, boy or girl, the bottom line is that baby be in good health.

Good to know: in your pregnancy day after day (Larousse), we learn that parents of 2 children of the same sex have 75% to have another child of the same sex. This is explained by the fact that some men produce X and Y spermatozoa of unequal amounts. What would not be the case (food) of these ladies!

Conclusion: if there was a natural method 100% infallible to choose the sex of his future child, this would be ...

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