April 17, 2024

Bi or lesbian, they come out of the closet!

Less visible than gays, homosexual women have long hesitated before leaving the closet, no doubt worried about possible discrimination in their workplace. But with the coming out of personalities like Amber Heard, Evan Rachel Wood or Anna Paquin who speak freely of their sexuality, more and more women dare to take the plunge and talk about their homosexuality. For GirlsFromMainStreet.com, 3 bi or homo women share their experience, far from clichés.

Betty, 32 years old
"I discovered my bisexuality not so long ago, I was never married but had serious relationships with men, and I went out for the first time with a woman two years ago I had never known so much passion, desire, feeling of fullness, but all the good things come to an end, and my lover moved to the other end of the planet, and since then I have juggled between men and women, between adventures with no tomorrow and relationships of a few months I enjoy 100% of the joys of love My family and my co-workers do not know, only my close friends are aware of my bisexuality It does not pose any problem to me: the secret makes the situation even more exciting! "


Amélie, 21 years old
"I was seventeen when I first fell in love with a woman, I was young and I did not really know where it was going to lead, so I kept the secret on our A few years later, I still love women, I have not tacked and I thrive at the mercy of met. My family is not aware and it's better like that. I'll tell them the day I'm in a really serious relationship. I do not know what their reaction will be, but I hope they will be open-minded! "


Manon, 36 years old
"I've been with women in my youth, so I'm bisexual, but I've never confessed to my husband, I met him seven years ago, and since I've been with him, Of course, I have done a cross on women (and other men) I still see a woman and find it desirable, but I do not regret anything, I found my soul sister I do not think to reveal my secret to my husband one day, he does not need to know and I do not want him to start watching me ... "

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