August 16, 2022

Bib, steak, rib eye ... How to cook each piece of beef?

Depending on whether they are more or less tender, lean, oily, the different pieces of beef are better for certain types of cooking even if others may be roasted or grilled. The meat of beef is divided into 3 categories.

Pieces to be fried, grilled and roasted
The first includes the pieces to be fried and grilled namely the scoter, the bib, the tab, the spider, the whiting, the pole, the pear, the middle of the rump, the aiguillette, the rib-eye, the rib, slice, tournedos, chateaubriand, slice round, pear, shifting, slice dish, slice top
Recipe ideas: kebabs, steak French fries and fondue
As well as the pieces to be roasted: the tenderloin, the tenderloin, the tenderloin, the rump, the fat slice, the rib band ... These are the most tender pieces.

Braising pieces
The pieces to braising: the aiguillette, the scoter, the tendon, the cheek, the twin, the chuck, the cheek ..
Recipe ideas: stew, bourgignon beef ...

The pieces to boil
And finally, the pieces to boil a cooking method reserved most often for the preparation of stew. For that we use at the same time lean parts like the chuck or the lodging mixed with more gelatinous pieces like the tail, the twin, the scoter and fatter like the tendon and the flank, the hock, the collar.
The meat beef is also eaten raw, in this case we prefer very tender pieces such as bib, rib eye, rump or slice tendon, round of heel, round slice.
Recipe ideas: carpaccio, tartar...

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