February 29, 2024

Billy Crawford returns with a new album in 2008

The R'n'B singer from the Philippines, Billy Crawford, should return to the forefront of the French music scene this year, with the release of a new album called It's Time ("It's time").

It's Time, the fourth studio album of Billy Crawford, was released in the Philippines last September. Billy Crawford, now 25 years old, has to offer it to the French public in 2008.

In this new opus, the singer remains faithful to the R'n'B tones that made his success. The first excerpt, entitled It's Time like the album, was recorded in collaboration with the artist Kovas.

Since his last tour in 2005, Big City TourThe singer did not talk much about him in France. His latest hits, Trackin, You did not expect that, or When You Think About Me, who pranced at the top of the charts in the hexagon, came out more than seven years ago.

Billy Crawford made a name for herself on the French scene in 2001, and gained a lot of popularity thanks to her relationship with the singer Lorie. But in the rest of Europe and the United States, the young singer did not succeed in making a career. For his fourth album, he changed his label from Universal to MCA.

Billy Crawford "Deal or No Deal" August 04, 2008 (February 2024)