June 13, 2024

Birth gift: 10 ideas that would REALLY delight a young mother

1 / A box of chocolates
It is THE gift that can never disappoint. Feel free to see big, a young mum has just provided a colossal effort and all the more needs to restore that maternity food often leaves something to be desired.

2 / A basket garnished
For nine months, the precautionary principle deprives the pregnant woman of raw milk cheeses, homemade sausages and other sushi. According to his wishes, you can bring him a basket full of old forbidden pleasures!

3 / A care institute
What better way to cheer up than good institute care? After baby, it is the turn of mum to be pampered, to massage, to wrap delicate scents ... Soothing effect assured.

4 / A meeting at the hairdresser
As pregnancy is a blessed period for the hair, as the postpartum sees them falling in mass ... To not leave a mum depress, a session at a good hairdresser will allow him to find a suitable cut, the time that the hormones stop their java!

5 / Makeup
Rather than perfume or creams, the smell of which may displease, look for makeup! Indeed, a nice nail polish (quick drying), a malignant eyelid applicator, or a complexion illuminator can make you forget those naughty dark circles of young people. parents.

6 / A jewel
Everything is possible in jewelry ... Know that if mum has decided to breastfeed, there are now rings that will help her to remember the breast sucked last, to avoid proposing twice the same to baby (Ring Reminder, Poup'ke, 57?).

7 / A beautiful stole
In anticipation of all those nights where the parents will take turns at the bedside baby, a soft stole in which to clutter for comfort while waiting for him to go back to sleep ...

8 / Free time ...
How to offer free time to new parents ? Simply by offering them hours of housekeeping or babysitting, through employment-service checks. It is the gift that will be, no doubt, at the same time the most pleasant and the most useful! And do not forget that 50% of the amount of this gift can come back to you in the form of tax reduction ... A good reason to offer twice as many hours as planned!

9 / A birth certificate
To help parents to record the highlights of the first few weeks of baby, a nice notebook is useful. And it will be more pleasant to postpone what baby ate, grown, grown, only on a pediatrician's notebook!

10 / "Porn for new Moms", a book that makes you dream!
This book is in English, but you do not need to have lived in the United States to understand it. It just consists of beautiful pictures, on which dashing dads offer to take care of the house and baby so that mum can sleep, read magazines or go out with her friends! (Porn for new Moms, Chronicle Books)

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