January 16, 2022

Birth: How to prepare the elder for the arrival of the second?

How to tell him ?

To talk about this happy event that is getting ready: stay simple and express yourself joyfully. The sentence "You'll soon have a little sister or a little brother" said with a big smile, is perfect! Make it a point to make this announcement at a time when your child and you share a moment of complicity. In this atmosphere of emotional security, he should not feel threatened by the newcomer and he should also be more attentive.

Explain to him also when the little baby will be born and how long it will be necessary to wait, if it will be a boy or a girl, how it grows in your belly ... You will thus prepare it better for its coming.

If your child is between 2 and 5 years old?

Between 2 and 5 years old, thechild is in full oedipal period and generally reacts badly to the arrival of a little brother / sister. He is jealous of anyone who steals his mother's love! To avoid repeated fits of jealousy, show yourself reassuring throughout your pregnancy. Your elder must understand that you still love him a lot, "as before", and that no one will come to take his place.


Do not show the baby as a gift

Many parents think well when they say to their child that the baby who's coming is a gift "for him? But it is not very healthy for the psychology of?child who can, on the one hand, believe that he has an influence on the sexuality of his parents and, on the other hand, that he has all the rights to this baby. It is the best way to distort the relationship between brothers and sisters from the start; the elder would indeed be tempted to be very authoritarian with the youngest.

Coming in the Clouds (Mark 13:24-27) (January 2022)