May 28, 2024

Birthdays for children: turnkey formulas in themed spaces

A themed birthday
Depending on the chosen location, you will place his anniversary under the sign of football, painting, science, the sea ... When it comes to museums, this orientation will be quite clear, since the animations stem from their collections. In the case of restaurants, small indoor games are planned, but the emphasis is of course on the snack!
A precise timetable
Theanniversary can last between 1h30 and 3h, according to the organizers. It often takes place in three stages: a visit of the park or the museum, a workshop where the children make an object, disguise themselves or put on make-up, finally, a snack. This is not provided in some places - its preparation remains the responsibility of the parents - or can be optional. In addition, you sometimes have to choose between several activity options.
The cost
According to the formulas, the price varies from 8 to 20? per person. A minimum number of participants is required. Check which services are included beforehand. Does the place of the accompanying adult pay? Is there a surcharge for the tour to be guided? Most of the time, you will pay a deposit when booking.
The calendar
These turnkey packages save you the preparation of the party and the reception of children. In return, there are fixed conditions regarding the age of the guests, the monitoring of the group ... It must be ensured that it will be well suited to your wishes and those of your child. Some agencies advise booking seats one to two months in advance.

Good addresses

Some ideas of places where you can celebrateanniversary of your child without taking your head:
-Gourmand: a snack at Macdo (5.40 € per child, offered to those who celebrate anniversary)
-Bucolique: organize pickings, on the site
-Ludic: the Ludi Max indoor park:
-Rêve: at Toy 'R Us:
-Fun: Playmobil parks:
-A general site: //
-Some equestrian centers open their doors for birthdays

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