April 17, 2024

Birthplace: where is the law?

Two experimental houses in Paris and Pontoise tend towards this direction. The houses of birth that already exist in our German, Belgian or Swiss neighbors are not yet authorized in France. But if the law is passed, after years of debate, a dozen houses could emerge.

The demand is there. The quality of the birth is at the center of many women's concerns pregnant. Particular wishes are indeed more and more issued. Faced with the growing demand for alternative care, the houses of birth would be a real answer.

The principle of birthing centers
The houses of birth propose to women who wish delivery without hospitalization. The aim will be to welcome future mothers in an intimate and warm place and to establish a regular follow-up and a privileged relationship with the midwife.
A care that will certainly be medicalized, since supervised by wise women, but less technical, when this is not necessary. A woman pregnant not being a sick woman, the idea is to restore all the physiological character to thedelivery. It must be known that today all women pregnant receive almost the same support, that their pregnancy either at risk or not. This important technique is both expensive and sometimes negative because it can have undesirable effects on some pregnancies.

The houses of birth However, they will have to respect specific specifications. The patient must present a pregnancy low risk, according to the criteria of the High Authority of Health (HAS). In addition, each house of birth should be in the vicinity of a maternity ward in case an unexpected event arises and hospital care is necessary. In short, a delivery as at home but without the unnecessary risks of course!

Birthplace of US abortion law (April 2024)