October 22, 2021

Black beauty: Melyssa, makeup at a low price

We like velvet shadows trio. These small palettes composed of three colors of eyeshadow make it possible to make intense and elegant makeup. Lightly iridescent, eye shadow fades easily and the colors melt together for a guaranteed effect.
Price: 7,90 euros.

We like the Oil Free Concealer and Concealer. This duo can hide small imperfections of the face. Each box offers two shades, one darker and the other lighter, the duo essential to camouflage at best dark circles and small buttons. Melting texture, the corrector slides on the skin and arises easily.
Price: 7,90 euros.

We love the matt compact powder 2 in 1. This tinted powder leaves the skin matt and satin. Ideal for quick makeup and for those who can do without foundation.
Price: 9.90 euros.

We love the ultra-pigmented glosses of the Melyssa brand. Lightly pearlescent, these glosses leave on the lips an intense and brilliant color. Enriched with shea butter, the lip gloss nourishes the lips and prevents them from drying out.
Price: 6,90 euros.

We love the duo velvet blush. These palettes include two colors of blush, one light and one dark, to mix or use according to his desires. The fine and silky powder of the blush is easily deposited on the top of the cheekbones for a healthy glow.
Price: 8.50 euros.

Melyssa brand products are available in hypermarkets and supermarkets.

1 makeup tutorial Melyssa. (October 2021)